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Strategy sparring

Sparring is a well-known training method in various sports . In the process, competition situations are played through, but with changed rules and agreements to prevent injuries. Translated literally means sparring "deal with someone or something".

Let's translate this approach to the business world. For example, in the development of new or additional strategic approaches. A sparring partner, unencumbered by many insider details, scrutinizes developed designs from all sides for plausibility. His job is to expose prejudice, beliefs, backward orientation, or phrases without damaging anyone, because this process is ahead of the adoption of the new strategy.
Ideally, you start even earlier. In the strategy process, many stake holders, ie people who later have to make sure that the strategy is actually implemented, should be involved in the process. With expert presentation of these evaluation rounds by the external sparring partner, streams of ideas are channeled and organized, and creative contributions are promoted regardless of the position of the contributor in the company.
The result is a more imaginative decision-making process for the management that is geared to the needs of all parts of the company and which is most certainly supported by the important stakeholder holdings.